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Apus is the symbol of the always flying bird!
We are constantly on our wings striving….
…..striving for progress and the growth we want to contribute to the promotion of our customers.

We supply all kinds of products – from your company’s packaging to marketing and branding activities. We have more than 20 years of experience in the field and we specialize in customized products for corporate clothing, customized packaging, Food and beverage packaging, give aways, client gifts and branding in general.

A collaboration with Apus Denmark will, in addition to inevitable savings on the budget, be shaped according to your needs.
Whether you want to be part of the creative team or leave it all to us, we handle the entire process.


CSR Strategy and Code of conduct


At Apus Denmark we continously work to meet both customers’ and society’s wishes and demands for environmentally friendly products and environmentally friendly production. Thus it is our CSR strategy and environmental policy to be social responsible and protect the environment.


As a result we have a few but important points in our policy for this area:


– Use reusable or recycled materials when possible and legal in relation to claims for example, traceability and hygiene.

– To try to design products so that they can be separated into material fractions, sooner or later they must be disposed as waste. This is especially for products which contain electrical or electronic parts or other parts that can be expected to waste handled separately.

– To ask for, and as far as possible, obtain documentation of the chemical substances in the products we sell (SGS Reports)

– Avoid products containing CMR substances, strongly harmful substances, and substances classified as hazardous

– Demand – and as far as possible obtain – documentation for suppliers’ environmental conditions – particularly waste, releases to land, air and water and the supplier’s choice of materials.

– We advise clients in relation to the choice of products to try to avoid products with a very short lifecycle and promote sustainability through less polluting solutions and products.

– To have an overview of relevant environmental legislation, ensure updating it and ensuring that our products and companies are always in line with this.

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